The Internal Complaint Committee is constituted with the following members for eradicating the menace of sexually harassing the girls students and women in the working places. The committee shall disseminate the awareness amoung the girls students and staff and review the registered complaints.

        As per the reference cited the Internal Complaints Committee is constituted with the following members to look with the complaints regarding gender sensitization and take action to prevent the sexual harassment of women students and employees.


1. Mrs. Marjari Theodore, Principal i/c. - Presiding Officer.

2. Mr. A.Kasiviswanathan, UG.Sr/Lect./ECE - Member -Teaching Faculty

3. Tmt. V.Subbulakshmi, Lecturer/EEE -Member -Teaching Faculty

4. Thiru. A.Ramadhass, Assistant Instructor -Member, NTS

5. Thiru. M.Padmakumar, Skilled Assistant Sr.Gr./EEE - Member NTS

6. Selvi. Anitha, II/EEE -Member Student

7. Selvi. Harini, II/ECE -Member Student

8. Selvi. Asikamathi, II/CE -Member Student

9. Selvi. Srinidhi - Counsellor - External Member